As a society, we have allowed ourselves to get to dependent on technology to fill our time. We see it everywhere. While eating at a restaurant, you just need to look around to see most of the people looking down at their phones rather than talking to the people right in front of them. You go to the theaters and you can see people checking in on social media or taking pictures. How can we get back to a place where we are able to enjoy each other’s company and go back to a place where technology doesn’t rule your free time?

What we did as a group was, we turned off our power for 24 hours. We turned off our phones and got rid of all external distractions that normally fill our time. From there, we were able to focus on clearing our heads. Meditation is so much easier if you can clear away the external distractions. It is just you in the silence with your thoughts. Let you mind wander and fill with happy, motivational, or challenging thoughts.

If you enjoy reading, try reading by candle light. It gives you a stronger connection with what you are reading. Personally, I find myself getting drawn into the story much easier and my mind clears of negative thoughts. I get drawn into the story as if I am a participant/observer. It is refreshing, exhausting, emotional, and that much more exciting.

Technology has become our crutch. Granted, some technology is designed to make us more productive or make our general existence more comfortable. However, when we rely to heavily on technology, we will never truly be able to live without it. When we use multiple monitors for work, are we truly being more efficient? Take a look at your performance. Are you really saving time, or are you just filling space? We found that sometimes we have too much stimuli that takes away from our productivity and it takes a power outage or an activity like this to help us see that we have just been filling time. Try this exercise. Take a 24 hour period where you turn off all distractions. Do it as a family, or by yourself if needed. Talk with each other. You will deepen your relationships and come to a better understanding of each other. If you are alone, try journaling about your 3 powerful questions that we suggested during Episode 146. You will find deeper meaning in your own thoughts and possibly find a positive way forward.


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