Ever since we are little kids we have always known to be wanting things…well just because we can. Since we are born we have always wanted things and if we don’t get it we will throw a fit in hopes that we will get it, but hopefully as we grow older we have a lot more control over our urges. However, as we get older we get the freedom of being able to get anything in life that we want and we start forgetting the difference between WANT and NEED. In today’s episode, Kyle and Glenn talk about the difference between “want” and “need” and in reality this is something that we deal with every single day of our lives, but why is that? Why do we get confused so easily between two?  

Since we were born, we have always wanted things because it made us feel good, but we hardly think of things that we actually need. How many times as a child have you cried because you WANTED the new Lego set, but your parents said no cause you didn’t need them? Kyle and Glenn explored that as a kid when we don’t get things, we take that buy shit ton of other things just so we can fill the void of not receiving gifts as a child. A perfect example that Kyle shared was that he has rooms filled with shoes….SHOES! WTF?? I will never understand that BUT Kyle filled that void by purchasing shit ton of shoes since he wasn’t able to have them as a child. The real question comes whether he wants it or needs it?  

Finances is one thing, but the same rule can apply to other areas of our lives. The key is to realize what the difference is and how you can see it. Why are you always going for wants and not needs? You want a Gucci purse, but do you really need it? What value are you getting from purchasing these? Do you think you would gain more value by donating your old purses or by purchasing new $1000 purse? Does it meet your value? If not, then should you keep going after or change your wants to meet the needs? 

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