Today is an interesting topic because we literally help you realize how to Get Your Shit Together! One of the reasons why we are always feeling stuck is because we don’t challenge ourselves much anymore. We take things in our life as it comes in while trying to put in as little effort as possible. Have you ever wondered how your classmate from High School is a millionaire by the age of 25 while you are sitting in your 1 bedroom apartment eating cup of noodles?

In today’s world, everything is given to us and everything has made it easier for us in this day of technology, so it’s not surprising when we start applying the same program to our personal lives. When we start doing this, we stop ourselves from expanding our mind and we fall under the fixed mindset.

Fixed mindset people would make any type of excuses as possible when something challenging presents itself. They are mainly close minded and would generally stay within their lanes. They wouldn’t try to expand their knowledge which results with them saying “I don’t know how to…” more often than they should. They are very self-critical and tend to stick with the knowledge that they have.

On the other hand, Growth mindset people are totally opposite. They are eager to learn and will find a way one way or another to gain that knowledge. They will be the first ones to take a risk and is always ready to learn, because they understand the value of themselves. They are very open minded and will listen to other suggestions. Instead of saying “this is good enough”, they will keep enforcing “how can we make this better?”.

All it takes is little changes in our lives to start shifting from fixed mindset to growth mindset and to take a step forward toward GETTING YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

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