Introverts and Extroverts both have different lifestyles. Introverts are more at home by themselves while Extroverts love being in more social environments. Each has their own strengths, but opportunities come more often the more social you are. Each person must decide how they want to live, but what we are trying to explore is “where does being an Introvert become an excuse?”

I have been an introvert most of my life. It started at a young age when I moved around a lot. When you don’t have a chance to develop social skills, it becomes easier to be an introvert. I preferred hanging out with people only into the same things I was into, or preferred being alone. This can be very lonely and detrimental to a person’s development.

Over the years, I did learn how to be more of a chameleon. I learned to blend in with people from all walks. This was more of a coping mechanism for me. I was able to go into a group setting and strike up a conversation with anyone. It made it possible to go into any situation with no anxiety. No matter who was at a gathering, I was able to model my behavior to theirs. I noticed that I had more friends and found better opportunities in those moments of being an extrovert.

Extroverts will find more opportunities from being open to social experiences. They feel comfortable holding a conversation with people and being in larger social settings. I find it much easier to learn from the experience of others in these settings as well. However, Extroverts have a hard time being alone with their own thoughts.

One thing we all believe is that there should be a balance in our lives. In the event of the extreme on either side, it is important to develop the opposite side. Introverts should work on expanding their comfort zones so that they can find more growth and opportunities. Extroverts should learn to be at peace with their own thoughts and emotions for the same reason. It allows them to learn more about themselves and grow on a personal level beyond the surface level stuff.