We all say thank you. It is a pair of words that many of us take for granted. Sure we mean them from the bottom of our hearts one minute, but the next we are just using them out of courtesy. How do we allow ourselves to slip into that mindset where being thankful isn’t easy?

Rohit asked us to keep a weekly gratitude journal where we closed our eyes and said thank you over and over until we felt the words. Then we wrote down the things we were grateful for on a specific topic for that day. At first, it was difficult. Things didn’t pop up that easily into my mind that I am grateful for. It started with surface level stuff like my possessions, or my family. However, As I started looking deeper inside at why I was grateful, I found that my gratitude was pretty shallow. It all centered around what others do for me or what I get from others.

When it got to the journal day for family, I realized that I hadn’t been as thankful as I should be. It allowed me to put into perspective how good I really have things today. We are all grateful to have friends or family. We are all grateful to be healthy or have clean clothes, or a car that runs. However, It is the deep down gratefulness that brings out a positive mindset that we often are lacking. We focus on the negatives in our lives far more than we do the positive.

Take steps to actively change our mindset, we find it is easier to stay positive. It will be far easier to express how grateful you are to that special someone, or how much you appreciate your co-worker’s efforts. This exercise can help you change your mindset and help you gain a new perspective on everything. We challenge you to try it.

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