As the year comes to a close, we need to look back on our goals and our promises. Were there actions I could have taken to reach my goals? Are there things I can continue doing that are moving me towards my end goal? What am I doing that I need to stop in order to reach my goals? These are the questions that we can ask ourselves to put our lives on the right track.

We all set goals at the beginning of the year to do “X.” However, most resolutions, goals, or promises are broken before the end of January. Many of us don’t even remember our goals at the end of the year. Whether the goal was to lose weight, save money, get a new job, visit family more, or anything else, we tend to procrastinate to the point where we see the holidays and say to ourselves, “Well, I just don’t have time to do this now,” and we push our goals or promises aside.

Some things we can do to help us hold the focus are to write down our goals and promises on a calendar and post it somewhere we are going to see them daily. Then we need to have a way to hold ourselves accountable. Take a moment to look at your goals and review your progress. Write down the questions above and answer them as they relate to your goals. As you analyze your actions you will be able to make little course corrections throughout the year and you will begin to see steady progress in your goals. We can celebrate the successes, make changes where efforts might not be providing the successes we want to see, and see where we might need to start new activities to improve our success rates. Doing this will help you get your sh*t together and be the best “you” possible.

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