Oh man, I am so stoked for this episode! Right about a year ago Rohit introduced this ideology to me and I found it freaking amazing! It’s not something new that I have heard of. You might have heard this too, but when I really understood what it takes and the results, I was just baffled away by it.

Habit term often has a negative tone to it and it can be, but it really depends on how your subconscious mind lets it go. What is a habit? It’s a repetitive action that we do without realizing that we are even doing it. It’s a repetition that is embedded in our brains to function without putting any thought to it. It’s when we make subconscious It could be as simple as biting your nails or being addicted to meth, but if it’s something that you want to change, you can do it by just changing few everyday decisions.

When I realized that I started applying to my own personal life and the changes have been nothing but positive for me. For example, I always wanted to get up early in the morning and get a head start and I could never wake up earlier than what I usually do. I can’t blame myself – I love to sleep and I have been used to sleeping till this certain time every day for past 10+ years. I have a habit of waking up at a certain time so what did I do? I started setting my alarm for earlier in the morning by 10 mins. The first week it was 10 mins early, then 20, and now 30 mins. It’s not a drastic change all of a sudden, but now I have made a habit of waking up an hour earlier. An HOUR! If you haven’t heard our other episodes, then we have continuously expressed how 24 hours is not enough in our lives if we want to reach our goals in life. It’s not enough to do everything that we want in our life, so now this 1 hour a day becomes 7 extra working hours per week toward your goals.

Makes sense, right? Really, it’s not rocket science to GYST. Changes will start within you. If you are not happy, then why are you not happy? Is it because of something that happened years ago and now you just follow blindly? Find those changes, make simple adjustments and see the improvement.