099: Why Friendships Fall Apart

by Kamal Kalra, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila, Ruben Marquez


No one wants to end a friendship, but sometimes it just happens. As we evolve, grow, and our interests change, sometimes we just tend to slowly drift away from people that we once valued so much.

As children, it’s a distance that tends to end friendships. Either someone moves away, or is in another class next year. We make new friends and then soon move on. It’s so much easier as a kid than an adult.

As adults, we get emotionally involved and often times friendships ending lead to a great deal of hurt. Most of this hurt can be attributed to expectations we have on friendships and hold others accountable to. If I would be there for someone night and day, no matter what, I would hope that the other person would feel the same. And when they don’t, we get hurt, and we drift apart.

If you feel a valued friendship slowly fading, talk to the other person about how you feel. They could feel the exact same way. Or most likely, they didn’t even realize that they were making you feel this way. If they really are a friend, shouldn’t you speak up and talk to them about how you feel? Is the friendship that important to you?

Understand, however, that there is a clear distinction between drifting apart and being disrespectful. If you make several attempts to communicate, and the other person isn’t reciprocating, as painful as it may be, as many unanswered questions as there may be, let go… and move on.

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