You know what was the best thing about summer breaks back in school? Literally, do nothing and hang out with my friends! You remember those days when you would wake up at noon, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, skip shower just so you can go down to the neighborhood pool to hang out with your friends and check out all the hotties. Your friends were the whole world to you, but how much does that matter to you now? In today’s episode, we discussed the importance of friends and how easy or hard it is to make friends as an adult.

Some would argue that making friends as a child is easier than making friends as adults, but is it? A child has all the opportunities in the world to make friends: school, after circular activities, dances, grocery shop, toy store, you name it. An adult has all the opportunities in the world to make friends: work, church, hobby classes, grocery shop, you name it. So what is the difference? Friends as a child are selective, where we get to choose who we want to friends with and it is socially acceptable. Friends as an adult are more related to convenience rather than selective. We as an adult will try to seek friendship out of people who spend the most times with: work, gym classes, etc. Some might still be friends with someone from their childhood and some don’t keep touch with any. There is no right or wrong answer to how old your friend is, but here at GYST, what matters is what type of friendship you have?

In the past, we have talked about Circle of Influence and this is where it has a huge impact on. There is no way to evaluate your friends, but there is a way to evaluate yourself to see if you have the right influence. Take a look at your bank account, are you happy with that number? If so, awesome! If not, then take a look at your 10 closest friends. That number represents the average bank account of all your 10 closest friends. Still happy with your answer? If no, then you should listen to our Circle of Influence episode.

In the end, how do YOU define your friends? What do you even consider a friend? How close are you to that friend? As Kyle said, a person that you say hi at a mall is an acquaintance; a person who you invite home is your friend; a person who you take to the airport is close friend; a person who you can call to bail you out of jail at 3 AM for $10k bond is a best friend. Look at your closest friends, define them, evaluate them within your circle of influence and GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!

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