084: Living With Negative People

by Amit Bhardwaj, Keynan Bailey, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila

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Have you ever felt trapped in a negative environment? Do you feel like constant negativity is affecting your health and life? Or has it increased over the years? If so, you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people in this world who feel the same way, but that also means there are thousands and thousands of people who are the one to cause that negativity! It’s like they are human black holes that just capture you in the vortex and pull you right into their negativity.

Before we can work toward being more positive, we have to define what negativity is and how it is affecting you. More than that, YOU have to define what negative means for you. We all have different lives with different interactions which play a huge role into how we come across negativity, so how does it come to you; is it from coworker, relative, spouse, animals, or just some activity? Define that and you are already moving in a right direction.

Once you have identified the negativity, try and understand without overanalyzing it. Take some time and figure out what is about this specific thing that is so negative and what can you do to change it? If someone or something is being negative to you, then more than likely it will be easier to change yourself or your reaction for good rather than having an expectation of someone else changing for you. By identifying the negativity, you can change your behavior towards it to attract more positivity toward yourself.

BUT, what if YOU are the negative one? Do you know if your negativity is stressing someone else? How do you truly know how others view you? A lot of times, we don’t even realize that we are making a negative impact on someone until it’s too late!

To start, follow this simple exercise that we showed in our episode 79: How to meditate.

Exercise to follow: Do this exercise now to truly understand who you are and how others view you. Write down 3 people who know you very well; who know you pretty good but not as much as your significant other; and someone who knows but not very well. Once you have identified these 3 people, imagine you are them and see yourself as they would, through your eyes. Imagine how you interact with them and how they would see you, think of you, and act toward you. The goal of the exercise is for you to see how other people view you, and then change what you don’t like.

Remember that the negative behavior is a pure reflection of a person. It’s not a reflection of who you are (if you are on the positive side), but it tells you what kind of a person and negativity they hold, and what really triggers them. Or, in case if it’s you, it helps you understand what ticks you off and what can you do to change that unwanted behavior.

So GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER and welcome Keynan Bailey as he talks about how negativity has affected him and what he is doing to change that!

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