071: Procrastination

by Amit Bhardwaj, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila, Sam Tea, Aaron Eeide


Simple error in Judgement. We all make it and then regret it right afterward. If you really dig deep, you can find things in your past which has affected all because of simple error in judgement. One place that we will always find is in Procrastination.

Ignorance is bliss. If you are not properly educated on something then you will make all the excuses to get away from doing it. People make elaborate reasons to get out of doing things because we want to maintain a good image of ourselves so we will blame external excuses to justify the procrastination. We have a mindset where we make ourselves believe that It’s so easy to do then why do it now? So we put things off until the last minute because we always feel like we have a lot of time since it’s an easy task until it’s time to get it done. It’s easy to do something, but it’s easier to avoid and do something else. We are lazy so it’s easier to find something not to do than to actually do it.

Another reason why we procrastinate is because once we are done with the task, then what? What’s there to do afterward? Our human nature is to keep doing things and when we don’t have something to do we go crazy. So we procrastinate to make sure that we are occupied. If you don’t have anything to do, then stare at a wall for 5 mins and you will find something to do. Humans have a fear of nothing to do and of no purpose so we will keep pushing things off to give ourselves a purpose.

So what can we do to not procrastinate? Make a master list! An amazing book “if you haven’t gotten time to do it right when will you find the time to do it over” by Jeffrey Mayor points out that first of all make a master list of things to do on a piece of paper. We get so bogged down by planning out how to complete a task, but we never end up doing it because we give priority to wrong things. He suggests making a master list which has all your tasks no matter how small or big it is. Then, when you are completing the task, don’t just put a check against it; cross it off. Take your pen, scribble it, and cross it off the list. This will give you a satisfaction of completing a task which will enable you to complete more tasks in future.

Another thing you can do to identify your procrastination is take the test that is called out in the book “Break the procrastination now” by Knaus. This test will identify your procrastination and then you will have the opportunity to do exercises to improve not procrastinating.


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