If I asked you how many friends you had, would you just give me the number of friends you have on Facebook? You wouldn’t be alone.

As social media becomes an interracial part of our life, the lines between digital friendships and in person friendships gets blurrier by the day. We feel that “status updates” and “snap chat photos” and enough to feel like we are caught up with people and their lives. Even though it has been years since we last saw them, let alone speak to them, we still feel connected.

A great example of this is the steady decline in High School Reunions. Before the time of MySpace, a 10-Year Reunion was very special. These were some of the key friendships that helped shape us into who we are today. Out of a graduating class of 200 or so, you probably only kept in touch with a handful over the past 10 years. A 10-Year Reunion was an amazing opportunity to connect with people, find out how they have been, and relive old memories and stupid decisions.

Now a 10-year reunion isn’t really that big of a deal. Social Media has made it so we can keep in touch with those that we want, and have a general understanding of how others have been doing.

The power of friendships is diminishing as the word “friendship” is being redefined for the first time in history. Now you can be friends with people you have never met or ever talked to. Take a look at your friends list, when was the last time that you really connected with even 10% of the people on your list? How many have you added that you forgot you even added?

In this powerful episode, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila, and Sam Tea explore what friendship means, how we used to define it, and how Facebook has impacted our definition.

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