078: Personality Traits

by Aaron Eide, Amit Bhardwaj, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila


Humans have so many things alike while being so different. Have you wondered why we are so different? What makes us an individual? Why is that we connect better with some individuals over others? What makes YOU different yet connected with rest of humanity? Well, it boils down to 4 things: Lion, Owl, Monkey, and Koala. These are 4 different type of personality traits that every one of us has and understanding how each of these personality trait works will help you succeed in life and have a better relationship with other people.

Lion is a type of an animal that likes to take charge and is quick to respond and just like that 15% of the population have this personality trait. Lions are the go getter who is always leading a group and taking charge. They don’t take bullshit from anyone and get straight to the point because they got shit to do!

Then, we have the people who take forever to make a damn decision! These are the people that are critical thinkers and they like to know the facts and options before making any decision. All they want is not to be wrong; they don’t mind if they are not right.

SQUIRREL! COOKIES! Wonder if recharge bunnies are all hyped up because of an energy drink? Oh yeah, we were talking about personality trait. You might recognize this behavior from someone you know. No, they are not crazy! They just have a monkey personality which gets them super distracted and they end up being all over the place.

Lastly, we have our sweet Koalas. What can I say? They are just so sweet and caring and all they want to do is hold hands, talk about our feelings, see good things happen! These are the type of people who are usually teachers, nurses, and therapist. These are also the hippie tree huggers!

Sounds interesting, right? Want to me it more interesting? Listen to today’s episode to find out how you can leverage this at a party!

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