067: 6 Steps to Being the Life of the Party

by Amit, Bhardwaj Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila, Sam Tea


The GYST Podcast Crew like to consider ourselves as some very social people. We attend lots of concerts, events, and parties. We realize that even though we feel comfortable at these types of events, not everyone does, so we put our brains together and came up with 6 steps to becoming the life of the party. Caution: only follow these 6 steps if you want to have more fun!

  • Be a host, not a guest: Just because you didn’t plan the party, doesn’t mean you can’t play the host. Introduce yourself to every guest and then make sure they meet other people as well. The actual host will be so busy making sure the party is going on smoothly, that they will thank you for taking on this role.
  • Don’t box people out: Most people when they are engaged in conversation, will face the person they are talking to. Although this is a great thing to do when it’s a more intimate setting, at a party this gives off the message that this is a closed conversation. Instead if you turn and open a bit, this invites others to join you.
  • Talk to the “lonelies”: See those people over there, the ones standing by themselves, or on their phones? They didn’t come to a party to do those things so go help them out by starting a conversation with them.
  • Go straight to the back: This is a trick that really helps others see you as the life of the party. When you go straight to the back, you walk by all the friends that you have, you say hi to them, ad others see you as being well connected.
  • Keep your hands empty: At a party, the most hand gestures and body language that you use, the more you will attract others to you. Holding onto a plate of food, or a drink, or anything else can get in the way. And whatever you do, don’t put those hands in your pockets!
  • Ask who they are, not what they do: “Hi, my name is Amit”… “Oh hi Amit, so what do you do?” STOP THIS! No one wants to talk about work outside of work, especially at a party. But that’s what we do, our default go to question is “what do you do”. Don’t define people by their occupation, instead ask, “What are some things you like to do?”

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