066: Attending A Personal Development Seminar

by Amit Bhardwaj, Kyle Reed, Rohit Rohila, Sam Tea


This week the GYST crew talk about Personal Development Seminars, and the importance of attending them. This episode comes just one week before Rohit’s own Discovery & Awareness Workshop Seminar, which most of the crew will be attending.

For Kyle, this will be his second time attending this episode, and he shared a few of this most memorable moments. This included just the level of pure emotional exhaustion that can result from challenging your beliefs for the first time.

Sam has attended a seminar before, but it was an informational one that taught you how to write books. In this type of a seminar, it is your traditional lecture type.

And for Amit, this will be his very first seminar. He shared his excitement for it.

Although Kamal was not present during this recording, he will also be there.

Rohit shared the importance of going into a seminar with your “cup empty.” Mostly, don’t go in only searching for the information that you already agree with. Instead, pay attention to the things you don’t agree with, challenge yourself on why that is. Because if you don’t challenge your beliefs, you won’t grow.

It will be interesting to see the results that the crew has after the seminar. Maybe this is the start of an evolution of Get Your Sh*t Together Podcast!

Resources we mentioned in this episode:

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